Home exercise plans

Home exercise plans
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  • Home exercise plans are something that I always prescribe to my clients, whether it be something as simple as a few stretches or some hillwork, or a detailed step-by-step rehabilitation plan… unfortunately everybody gets given homework! And although it may seem a bit unnecessary or a hassle to do, there is a very good reason that I give it. I do it for the benefit of your animal. Home exercise plans are in my opinion the most important part of a physio programme. I may be coming to see your animal once a week, or once a month, or once every six months; and although (I hope) your animal will benefit from my visits, it cannot compare with the impact that you as owners can make my implementing your home exercise plans. Its like a mini physio session that you can do every day!

    Each home exercise plan that I give is individually tailored to your animal, their needs and goals at that time. Therefore, home exercise plans also change as time goes on; as your animal progresses, I will often look to either advance the exercises that they are doing, to continue challenging them, or look to move onto targeting different areas.

    Exercises can be a combination of:

    • massage techniques,
    • range of motion, strengthening, weight shifting or postural exercises
    • stretches
    • active range of motion exercises
    • polework
    • ridden exercises

    Also, please don’t be afraid to ask questions about any of the exercises that you are given; firstly, don’t worry I probably get asked the same question all of the time, and secondly if you or your animal is struggling with a particular exercise, I would much rather know about it. Then we can either work to iron out the issue, or if the exercise is not working for you then I can change it to something that will. Remember that I will always be on the end of the phone for advice about anything to do with your home exercise plan. So, if in doubt just drop me a message and I will try to help.

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